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Pointless Ranting

(a whole lot of nothing)

Christine Ziegler
20 November 1972
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Update Redux... 12/2011 - I'm an LVN now... workin' in a hospital... waiting on grandkids...

Update as of 12/2009 - two of the four kids are out of the house now... mixed feelings about that... homeschooling the two younger kids now. We just moved into a new home... well, new to us... that we are BUYING!!! woot! finally! My focus has shifted more towards a dedication to my family and my God. I have been blessed in abundance and greatly appreciate everything I have.

30-something wife of the Great and Wonderful Bruce.. Mother to Patric, Taylor, and Elijah.. and Step-Mom to Blair..

Um... I love to give advice and help people. I've put myself through a lot because of bad choices in my life. I'm happy to help anyone who asks, but do both of us a favor and don't ask if you don't want my input.

A lot has changed in my life since I started this journal. In July of 2005, my ex-husband passed away and left me to raise our three kids on my own. In August of 2007, I landed my dream job... as an inside sales rep for a promotional products distributor. Somewhere along the way, I learned how to love every member of my family and get over all of the frustration and hostility that came from being one of the parents in a blended family. It's not all cake, but it gets easier every day.

In less than one year, I'll be the parent of an ADULT child... wow...